Tropico 5 Waterborne: Mission 2 - How deep is the ocean walkthrough

El Presidente needs guidance on how to overcome the Waterborne DLC campaign! I prepared a detailed walkthrough guide on how to sort the missions in Tropico 5 Waterborne's Lord of The Pearl campaign.

Settings: Missions were played on default settings:

  • Economic difficulty: Medium

  • Political difficulty: Medium

  • Disasters: Occasional

  • New dynasty ($$0)

This guide is for those who played the base game and know the basics. However, you can check my other T5 guides if you need to.



Mission 2: How Deep Is The Ocean? - Attempt to sell the black pearl and see what happens

How to win: 

Mission 2 is one of the hardests in the campaign. I recommend restarting the game if you're in too deep. Follow these steps:

  • Do not complete the quest "Trawlers" (Have 2 Fishing Trawlers) until you have at least a Power Plant, 1 Cannery and your economy/politics secured (around years 1920~1930)
  • If you want to really secure the game also wait until having the Compass technology researched, having a Drylock and 0 fog will help a lot
  • Your constitution must have Theocracy in Religion and State because the immigrants will be religious people. Police State is also good if you don't want to mess with elections. Generally pander to religious people in order to win the game. I recommend just copying my constitution choices presented later in this guide
  • Immigrant will also belong to the Communist faction, but they are easier to please than Religious faction, just turn on the Extra Rations edict and complete their quests
  • Do not build Wharfs. It will only deplete fish in the ocean and delay your 3 Fishing Trawlers. Canneries and accepting missions to improve efficiency is more than enough to win
  • Disaster Relief Fund edict must be always on, also at least 2 Constructions offices in the beach part of the island. Prepare for Tsunamis


Basic but worth mentioning advice:

  • Fish and Pineapple local consumption setting must be off
  • Have 3 Barracks and a few towers in order to defend the island
  • Teamster offices
  • Aim to 0 Unemployed and 0 Open jobs, create jobs for immigrants 


Beginnings: Lord Oaksworth is trying to sell the Black Pearl, but it has proven difficult as the world is busy with wars.

In the meantime we have to amend our first constitution:

  • Voting rights: All citizens vote
  • Religion and State: Theocracy is mandatory. I was getting ~40% with Secular State, and then over 60% with Theocracy. This is due to immigrants (you will receive a lot in this mission) being religious people
  • Armed Forces: Conscription, non educated soldiers are enough to win wars early on. We want our educated citizens working in the Power Plant (***), Cannery (**) or Library (***)



Shady business ($20,000): Praise either the Axis or the Allies

  • Have a Fishing Trawler (25 immigrants): Do it, but wait for the right moment to build the second one
  • Export 3,000 Fish ($10,000)
  • Have 3 Barracks ($7000): Do it, rebels and superpowers will attack a lot in this mission
  • Export Canned Goods
  • Build a new Cannery
  • Export Cloth: abandon

The Black Pearl strangely dissappeared, Veronica Veneno too (?):


Penultimo warns us about an invasion, this will happen a lot:

At this point I got additional constitution options, my choices were:

  • Political Rights: Police State if you don't want to mess with elections. However, if you do choose Democracy take in consideration that Religious people (most immigrants in this mission) won't like that, so the game will be a bit harder 
  • Labor Policy: Happy Childhood, because we want workers to be happy, so they don't leave
  • Citizenship: Immigrants Nation, we need as many tropicans as possible. However, this works both ways, it is easier to emigrate too, so you need to keep citizens happy. Build houses whenever you can and give them a decent level of food variety/happiness


Build up your economy and politics

A quest for having 2 Fishing Trawlers will appear, do not accept it. Build up your island first, make sure of researching Electricity and Compass.


Canneries will need power:

You will find Coal to power your Power Plant here:


Prepare your defenses:

3 Barracks, 3 Towers and the Palace upgrade is enough to defend the island. However, building an Army Base later in the game (if you're winning) won't hurt.


Make alliances

Make trade routes only with Allies. Build an embassy, invite them and make an alliance with them. Allies are the better choice because their quests are more in line with the mission.


If you want to really secure the game you can also:

  • Build a School, Canneries require ** citizens
  • Build and upgrade the Drylock, to really get going your trade routes
  • Build an Army Base


Game is secured, accept the quest, build 2 Fishing Trawlers

If your economy and approval rate is looking good right after an election, then it's time to finish the quest by building 2 Fishing Trawlers (you need to have 3, max out)


Final quest, export 100,000 Fish and Canned goods: 

Tropico is in a weird war against fish (?). This type of thing is almost as ridiculous as Australia's war against Emus, hopefully Tropico wins though.

You must complete the quest before your neighbors



Accept immigrants as soon as you have enough money to create jobs for them, start building on the higher side of the island:

As you can see at this stage of the mission I already had 2 Canneries (2 on highlands and 1 near the coast), and 3 Fishing Trawlers by continuously building Cannery + Coffee Plantation + Pineapple Plantation + Ranches + Cannery upgrade. This was more than enough to have a fair advantage (20k+) over the competition. If you followed the guide you will be able to win just like this, but there are more quests to win even faster:


Export a product (I picked Corn)


Pay 30k (I did it but it wasn't really necessary)


After securing the mission you can build up the island for future missions, I built other industry buildings and neighborhoods (Houses+Police Station+Grocery Store+Parks+Catholic missions+Newspaper). I was able to take a 40k+ advantage over the competition:

Finally, the Black Pearl is ours!