Tropico 5 Waterborne: Mission 3 - Turn Up The Heat walkthrough

El Presidente needs guidance on how to overcome the Waterborne DLC campaign! I prepared a detailed walkthrough guide on how to sort the missions in Tropico 5 Waterborne's Lord of The Pearl campaign.

Settings: Missions were played on default settings:

  • Economic difficulty: Medium

  • Political difficulty: Medium

  • Disasters: Occasional

  • New dynasty ($$0)

This guide is for those who played the base game and know the basics. However, you can check my other T5 guides if you need to.


Mission 3: Turn up the heat - Find a way to slow how quickly the ocean drains

I have chosen Ojos del Diablo for this mission (same island as mission 2). The main objective is reaching 500 degrees Penultimo by pretty much doing all is there to do to cause global warming. 


How to win: 

This mission depends a lot on how well did you build your island in previous missions, you must have a strong economy. Demolish buildings that are not important for the mission (such as Canneries and Plantations if you don't really need them) in order to free enough workers for Penultimo's quests.

  • Use the Census edict to discover people with special manager skills, particularly environmentalists, since you're going to build a lot of polluting buildings
  • Choose or prioritize Penultimo's quests that require fewer workers, Glass Bottom Restaurant is a great example, requires only 5 illiterate workers and requires 0 building time
  • You should have the Contraception Ban edict, the more workers the better, also the religious faction (which in my case was huge) will like it
  • Lots of Oil wells, roads, Teamster offices and Ports
  • Build houses, use the Urban Development edict, people will immigrate if you grant them a decent living standard



Tropico is in reverse global-warming (cooling?), the ocean level is dropping instead of rising, which somehow is a problem. The famous scientist, Penultimo, has thought of a solution: Reaching a global temperature increase of 500 degrees Penultimo.

In order to reach 500 degrees Penultimo you will receive the followings quests:

  • Build 3 new Factory Farms (75 degrees Penultimo)
  • Build a Nuclear Plant (150 degrees Penultimo)
  • Upgrade 10 residential buildings with Electrification (75 degrees Penultimo)
  • Build a new Glass Bottom Restaurant (75 degrees Penultimo)
  • Export 10,000 Rum (75 degrees Penultimo)
  • Build a Factory (75 degrees Penultimo)
  • Build a new Economy hotel (75 degrees Penultimo)
  • Build a Vehicle Factory (75 degrees Penultimo)

These quests will randomly repeat until you reach 500 degrees Penultimo. Additionally, to make the mission a bit harder, the world is facing the big freeze, which causes losing degrees Penultimo:

In order to get over the big freeze you will have to:

Export Oil


Banish Crime Lords:


Export 10,000 Pharmaceuticals:


Recommended constitution principles:

  • Security surveillance: Discovering special citizens includes citizens with managers skills, which synergies nicely with Planned Economy
  • Planned Economy: We want buildings working at max efficiency in order to generate enough money for quests, also the Communist faction will like this
  • Media Independence: Protests are not a problem, but an opportunity to gain the favor of the faction protesting



With 126 months to go I achieved 465 degrees Penultimo by just completing quests, and then finally we made it, the ice caps are melting and global warming was possible: