Age of Empires 2: The Smallest Map

Discover the Forest Nothing Ultra Small Edition, the smallest map in Age of Empires 2 Definitive Edition.

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Mods and Custom maps brought a wave of excitement and revitalization to Age of Empires 2. Since then, players have been experimenting with various map settings, from vast landscapes to cramped battlegrounds. In this article, we delve into the smallest Age of Empires 2 map ever created, measuring a mere 36 by 36 tiles. This tiny battlefield offers a unique and challenging gameplay experience, providing new strategies, game modes, and objectives for players to explore.


AoE2 DE Patch notes Update 81058

Added the new generate_for_first_land_only parameter for object generation. Objects with this parameter will generate only for the first player land.

Added the new set_facet X parameter for object generation, where X is the facet ID the created object will have.

Added the new override_map_size X parameter, where X is the map dimension which will be used instead of the default dimension for the selected map size. The minimum allowed dimension is 36, the maximum is 480.


The Tiniest Map and Game Mode

The Forest Nothing map showcases the limits of scale in Age of Empires 2 Definitive Edition. With eight players positioned near the edge of the map, the compactness forces intense encounters and heightened competition. The update 81058 that introduced the 36 by 36 tile map size enables this extraordinary gaming experience.


The common chosen game mode for this map is "King of the Hill." Players must vie for control of the central monument and withstand the countdown until victory is achieved. However, unlike the traditional game mode, resources are limited, and there is no trickle of gold, stone, or food from the monument. Instead, the monument only provides a trickle of wood, making resource management and strategic decision-making crucial for success.


Smallest map strategy

  • Rush Feudal and Market: The first player to build a market gets the best prices to sell wood. Deleting TC in order to build a market is optimal
  • Rush towers: In this mode TCs don't have arrows, so there is nothing protecting your vill. Towers are necessary for both deterrence and attack, if you don't build them there is a high chance your economy will be denied
  • Onagers win the game

How to play the smallest map of AoE2?

You can download the mod created by the user Schulker from the following link: 

Forest Nothing Ultra Small Edition - Mods - Age of Empires


Final thoughts

The smallest AoE2 map pushes players to their limits in terms of resource management, strategic decision-making, and intense combat. This unique gaming experience challenges traditional playstyles and encourages players to explore new strategies. Whether rushing to the Feudal Age or utilizing cost-effective trash units, this map requires adaptability and quick thinking. So, gear up, prepare your tiny armies, and embrace the chaos on this minuscule battlefield in Age of Empires 2.