Tropico 5 campaign guide - Changing The World

El Presidente needs guidance on how to overcome this campaign! I prepared a detailed walkthough guide for you to sort the missions in Tropico's Changing The World campaign.

Settings: Missions were played on deafult settings:

  • Economic difficulty: Medium

  • Political difficulty: Medium

  • Disasters: Occasional

I used a new dinasty with no money in the swiss account and only 3 members in order to play as a new player would.

This guide is made with new players in mind, if you're somewhat more experienced I advice you to skip through or use ctrl+F to get to the missions you might be stuck in.


Mission 1: A new dawn - Win your independence

El Presidente, tired of his home land, starts as a governor of the island. I picked Cayo de Fortuna, Lord Oaksworth and Evita Vasquez are quick to give me some work, the game starts as any sandbox game would start. The guide to this first mission will tell you all you need to know to get over the Colonial era.

Main Quest: This weird guy Leon Kane told me to declare my independence in order to join his illuminati circle, I eagerly accepted:

Tropico 5 campaign first quest

As in any Tropico 5 game, to declare independence you need to have 50+ popular support. With this in mind you have to try and get more revolutionary people in the island, so accept most quests Evita Vasquez will give you.


  • Build a new Platation (sugar) -> I built it in a really green area and accepted the Treasury Subsidy (+$5000) as I still got plenty of Mandate time.
  • Build a Library -> With my Sugar money I built the library despite not having college educated people ready to work in it, I took educated revolutionaries as reward.
  • License To Trade -> I bought the Platinum Package, in order to get more deals, I'm gonna make a deal and it's gonna be great.

While my Library was getting built I didn't wait and built a Pineapples plantation as I had some 1 star education citizens ready to work.

  • Build 5 country houses -> Do this after you basic economy is setted up.
  • Have $15,000 -> I explained how to get stonks in my economy guide

Healthy competition:

healthy competition tropico 5

I paid the double tax. I'm not building untill I have some ready to work population anyways, and trading sugar will make me money in the meantime. Illuminati guy gave me $10,000 later and The Crown gifted money too.

  • Build new loggin camp -> Do this as soon as you have people ready to work, to get revolutionary 
  • Your family love life -> Pick building a new Catholic Mission as Evita will ask for the same thing.
  • Build a Catholic Mission -> Build it, close to your houses as it's upgrade gives.
  • Hire a new manager -> Do it.
  • Upgrade your plantations -> Do it.

Generally pick the money and revolutionies when you receive rewards. Some crown inmigration is good too, but not too much as they favor the crown. If you have too much college educated citizens not working in your people's tab, build some Opera houses, but let 3-4 college educated people free in case you need them for quests.

  • Export agriculture -> I choose 'send half' because I still had 3 years mandate and El Presidente wants to liberate the island.
  • Have an inquisition -> Now the three college educated citizens you left ready to work come in handy. As reward don't pick Penultimo as I did. Upgrade your inquisition to get money out of it.

inquisition function

Using your brand new Inquisition building make sure of persecuting the royalist as they hate you anyways and we have to shrink their numbers.

Remember to keep building Teamster and Construction offices arround the island, otherwise your resources will not be transported and your construction will not be completed.

  • Upgrade Inquisition -> You already did it. The reward is 2 free Catholic missions, but don't build them if you don't have people ready to work in them.
  • Insult the king -> Have some balls, insult the king. I sent him a piss pot and he was happy, nothing happened.
  • Kill or not to Kill -> Evita wants the leader of the royalists dealt with. Use the discredit action so his faction loses supporters (also he is kicked out of it). You can find her/him in your Royalist Faction's tab:

royalist tab tropico 5

The same way you discredited the Royalists leader you have to Bribe the Revolutionaries leader, in order to increase their support if it is not 100 already.

  • Homeland Security -> Build 2 Guard Towers, make sure of having 4 illiterate citizens unemployed first.

By now you should be close to 50% revolutionary support or already have it. Declare your independence, but first build one barracks if you haven't already, or else you will have to pay $20,000 to the stupid crown. Build it close to your coast.


Constitution: Now that you advances eras you can proclaim your first constitution, I'll recommend you what you should pick:

  • Armed Forces: Pick Conscription, this way your soldiers require no education and you can use educated people where it actually matters, making money.
  • Voting Rights: All citizens vote, just because.
  • Religion and State: You can go any route you want, I picked Secular State because that way I get a huge bonus in Liberty Happiness.

The illuminati guy should congratulate you now, your first mission is passed. We enter the World Wars era and go to the next mission.


Mission 2: Special relationship - Export raw resources while dealing with taxes

Tropico 5 second mission

Summary about how to win: Get good at managing your economy, complete all quests given to you as they will only help you. Export goods constantly in order to see positive numbers in your economy. Avoid having buildings not producing.

Beginning: You've been tasked to befriends the americans while governing another island that is still in the Colonial era, don't worry, you're going to be back in your original island in the next mission. Follow the same advice I gave you in the previous mission, this time it will be a bit harder since you will have to pay some taxes.


  • Export $5,000 -> Buy the $4,000 License to trade in order to get more trading routes.
  • Build a Ranch (cattle) -> Build it in a green area.
  • Export $3,000 meat
  • Make $10,000 profits from agriculture exports -> Build some different type of farms and upgrade them whenever you can, as reward pick aditional trade routes with the US.

By now you probably have gotten the property tax - $50 for each building you have -

  • Make $10,000 frofits from cattle product exports -> My 2 ranches did it and as reward I got a free Opera House.
  • New dock -> Evita asked for it so just do it, also it is good for your trade routes.

I had some extra high school educated citizens by this point. So I built a Creamery.

Lord Oaksworth informs us that the crown is now taxing $100 for each building I have, I'm so tired of the king. Remember not to build too fast as not only you have extra taxes to pay now, but also you will run out of workers and buildings will be costing you a fortune. Be patient.

  • Explore the island to find gold -> Use your Palace function to explore one of the mines, as reward pick either mandate extension or revolutionary support.

The order offers you to reduce taxes by bribing people with your own swiss account money. It's only $$1,000. Accept, you will get double from Evita's quest.

suspend real state tax

  • Make $10,000 profits from mining and loggin exports -> Make sure you have citizens ready to work and build that gold mine (build a road to it and then accelerate construction as it is very far away).
  • Have a lighthouse -> Lord Oaksworth will ask you to either hire a royalist or a revolutionary as keeper of the lighthouse. I hired a revolutionary
  • Export 4,000 gold -> You're already doing it by now.
  • Have 2 Upgraded plantations -> This should be done by now too. As a reward you can get +$$5,000 in your swiss account if you're doing well enough.
  • Have 4 docks -> I picked revolutionaries as reward. 

By now your economic numbers should be healthy like this:

Tropico 5 balance numbers

And your employment numbers should be perfect or close to it:

Tropico 5 employment numbers

The crowd doubled real state taxes again, now it is $200 per building. This situation can't stand. Illuminati guy offered to abolish taxes if you export 5,000 tons of foods for free. This will be a one time cost so just accept if your economy is in good shape. This should be done in less than 20 seconds if you have been playing like me.

  • Defend against pirates.

In this part of the game you will probably be hitted by a natural disaster, proclaim the Disaster Relief Fund to avoid bigger loses.

Proclaim the Urban Development eddict and build some houses to increase your citizens happiness.

By now you probably completed the mission and Teddy, I mean Ruddy Thompson is your ally.

Ruddy Thompson Tropico 5


Mission 3: We Will Endure: Survive numerous invasions.

Summary about how to win: Don't accept every single quest, choose both your economy line and your allied nation, don't try to go for all of them. You either ally USA or URSS and you have to only do as much industries as your population allows you to. Use Conscription in your constitution as this will allow you to train uneducated citizens as soldiers. 2 Barracks, 2 Army Bases and 5 Guard Towers are enough to win this mission.

Beginning: After tearing up with El Presidente's speech I was ready to head on this mission and defend the island from 'Isla Rojo'. Remember how we settled the constitution: All citizens vote, Secular state and Concription were our choices.

You get invaded by Isla Rojo, but don't worry as the order is quick to enforce a temporarily ceasefire (after some buildings are destroyed), build up your defenses and prepare for the next attack.

We will endure, Tropico 5


  • Export 5000 steel -> You don't have to take every single quest, exporting steel is a hasle because you have: explore the island to find deposits of both Coal and Iron, have the steel technology and build a Steel Mill. If you want you can go this route, but it's much easier to build a Rum factory and some taverns.
  • Have 5 Guard Towers -> Don't rush to build them, do it as you have citizens ready to work in them, as always, but build them before the Ceasefire.

After investigating legislation you have to make new choices in your constitution: I picked Democracy, Happy Childhood and Immigrants Nation. The last one is very important as we need work force.

  • Export 5,000 Logs and Planks -> Remember to upgrade your Loggin camp's reforestation.
  • Export 5,000 Rum to delay the invasion -> Build a Rum Distillery close to your Sugar Plantations.
  • Export 10,000 fruits -> This should be done automatically since you already have a lot of food production.

Elections are comming! Pay some bribes to all the factions leaders and be a good politician: Hire managers everywhere, upgrade every building and eddict Extra rations, Military drills, Tax cut (if you're swimming in money like I was) and Agricultural Subsidies. I hope you don't have to influence the outcome of elections, if you do your citizens will be unhappy.

Build at least one Embassy in order to ally either USA or URSS.

  • Build 2 Fishing Wharves to delay the invasion -> Fish adds to food variety anyways, so build them.
  • Build a Drydock
  • Build 2 Army Bases
  • Pay $10,000 to weaken the invasion -> Nah.
  • Build 2 Barracks, reward: $5,000-> If you delay the invasion enough this is no longer convenient as you have Army Bases, which are way more effective.

Mr Volcano started spewing lava, extinguishing fires will be a bit expensive. Having a Police Station with a Fire brigade upgrade will help.

  • Send a delegation to kill Franz Ferdinand
  • Build Spy Academy -> The reward is 10 educated citizens, which is really good, so go for it.

At this point I had 2 Barracks, 2 Army Bases and 5 Guard Towers. I let Isla Roja come and get it. El Presidente had a crushing victory:

We will endure victory Tropico 5


Mission 4: Get Zweistein - Amass an insane amount of money in your Swiss Bank Account.

Summary about how to win: Accept quests, complete them as you have work force ready. Use all them money from your good economy (link on how to have a good economy: on oyur people's happiness and your future economy. Quests will reward you with the needed $$50,000 in order to win this mission.

Beginning: El Presidente reflects on how war takes lives and is expensive. He gets to the conclusion that fear is the solution, and there is nothing better than a Nuclear weapon to get your enemies be afraid. You need to buy Dr. Zweistein (not to confuse with Einstein), a scientist that lives in Switzerland, coincidentalle the same place where El Presidente hides his money. The objetive is to amass $50,000 in your swiss account.

You're back in the other island. As constitution I picked: All citizens vote, Secular state and Conscription. The first two choices are more of a personal thing, the third one (Conscription) is necessary in order to keep highly educated citizens producing money.


We previously setted up a pretty strong economy. Use your money! Bribe some faction leaders, proclaim expensive eddicts and build some clinics. No amount of money is too much in order to get El Presidente elected again.


  • Build an Embassy and invite a foreign power -> Before doing this check your trading and choose the power you trade the most with to invite into your Embassy.
  • Pay $10,000 to the allies in exchange for $$5,000 and 10 educated people -> This deal is too good, pay the man.

Use your brand new 10 highly educated people to employ them in a Clinic and an Opera House.

  • Export $12,000 Bauxite -> Do it, might be useful later if you want to build cars.
  • Invest $10,000 in lottery tickets -> Do it.
  • Build 2 barracks -> Do it later.

New constitution options unlocked: My choices were Democracy, Happy childhood and Inmigrants nation. You will get a ton of quests now, complete them as you have enough immigrants. Remember to have enough military forces before allying either nation.

  • Export $12,000 Steel -> You will need to build coal and iron mines, and research the Steel technology.
  • Build a new High School.
  • Have 2 Opera Houses.
  • Have a manager in a High School -> 30 new immigrants in exchange, this is too good. After this pick 'Build a new College'
  • Build a new College -> One of the rewards is $$20,000. This will help you a lot to win this mission.
  • Build a Spy Academy.
  • Build Ranches of all types.

In this point you should be close to or already have completed the mission


Mission 5: Paranoia: Attract tourists while playing anual contributions.

Summary about how to win: Don't go immediately building hotels. First build a strong economy by having a lot of immigration and profitable buildings. I know hotels are very profitable, but first you need to have tourism in order for them to fill. Make your citizens happy too so you don't have problems in the elections. By the time sanctions come you should have a strong economy and happiness if you did all well. Proclaim the Tourism Campaign eddict and build a lot of hotels.

Beginning: El Presidente suspects someone is plotting to murder him. The mission starts with Penultimo saying we're getting invaded. Illuminati guy is panicking too because he was the target of an assasination attemp. Somehow The Order thinks the solution is attracting 32 tourists, that's the mission objective. My island choice for this mission was Bao Bao as I made a better economy there.


  • Build 1 new Hacienda -> Build it in a place with Colonial Era buildings and fill all free spaces with parks to increase the place's beauty.

Hacienda Tropico 5

  • Have 4 Luxury entertainment buildings-> Build a Cabaret near your richer people.
  • Build an Airport -> Build it when you have the flight technology, this is very important for the mission.
  • Have a Defense HQ -> Build it later, maybe don't.

At this point I had to make my Constitution choices again: Security surveillance, Planned Economy and Subsidized media. Those choices are for performance reasons, not personal.

  • Export Oil -> You don't really need to do this.
  • Have 2 country hotels -> Build it away from other buildings, this way they are more effective. Althought you don't need to build them immediately.
  • Export 10,000 Fish -> Do it if you are already fishing (You should because you need a lot of food sources to make your citizens happy).

After dealing with elections and my citizens happiness, I built a Power Plant and a Vehicle Factory because they are very profitable and i was already producing steel and bauxite anyways.

vehicle factory profits

From now on you should be focussing on entertainment buildings, like the Dolphinarium (quest), Restaurants, Cabarets and Taverns. As the mission says, you have to build hotels too.

  • Build a new Dolphinarium
  • Have 2 Army Bases -> You don't need to do this if you have some military already.

Leon Kane, the Master of the order, has been murdered! El Presidente is one of the main suspects, as a consequence we receive several finantial sanctions, 25% of the Treasury will be conficasted at the end of each year:

under suspicion Tropico 5

Luckily we built a very strong economy, so we will be fine.

  • Build 5 Cabins -> Same as with Haciendas you need to build this away from other buildings.
  • Have 25 soldiers or buy the dolphin independence ($50,000) -> I had both the money and the soldiers, if you've been following this guide you probably had too. If not look at my contact details at the end of this post to ask me anything.
  • Build a new Luxury Entertainment Building -> Build accordingly to your unemployed citizens education level.
  • Build a new Economy Hotel.
  • issue International Summit eddict -> Free money.
  • Destroy one of your military buildings -> Destroy a Guard Tower, free money.
  • Have an Airport (8% less will be taken from treasury) -> 
  • Upgrade your "Slot machine" in your Casino.
  • Have 3 enteratainment buildings with "Tourist Only" active -> The more migrants the better.

I was building stuff not related to the mission (trying to increase overall happiness and checking numbers) and I acomplished this mission while doing so, you probably experienced the same.


Mision 6: MAD: Become a Nuclear Power before you run out of time.

Summary about how to win: Find all the ways of extending the time in which you're going to get invaded. Make a great economy again while having good investigation. The difficulty of this mission is that you will receive a wave of immigration which should desastabilize your island making it harder to win elections, if you can handle that then you're all set.



Leon is dead and there is no time to mourn, El Presidente thinks saving humanity is his end goal and with this in mind he must build a Nuclear Weapon. I was on Cabo Fortuna again, god I hate this island, I didn't build a great economy here.

Nuclear program Tropico 5

Because 2 world wars were not enough, Lord Oaksworth informs that you need to build a Nuclear program in less than 2 years in order to avoid a third world war. Don't worry, Penultimo is gonna have some great ideas to delay this 2 year time, if you accept his quests you should be fine.



  • Export Oil to delay the invasion by 24 months ->
  • Export Rum -> 
  • Pay $$5,000 from your Swiss account to Big Oil to delay the invasion -> Pay the man.

Dr Zweistein comes to the rescue too:

Dr Zeistein

And immediately after that we receive 263 work forces in the island!

Tropico 5 263 refugees

263 immigrants is a lot, you are gonna have to build like crazy to provide those new people with jobs. First issue bonds, then build lots of Plantations and Restaurants or any building that requires no education and hires lots of people. There are going to be difficulties with getting elected, worry about emplying all mamangers, have at least 1 school, build 1 or 2 clinics and proclaim some eddicts to please the least happy factions. Also don't forget to pay your bribes to all factions leaders.


  • Pay $$5,000 from your swiss account to Big Atom -> Pay the man.
  • Reach Junk Credit Rating -> Issue bonds untill you are in the dirt.
  • Call the US President 
  • Build 2 new Military buildings -> Build 2 Guard Towers if your Military faction support is not 100.
  • Call the US President again? -> Why not.
  • Send a delegation to the USSR -> Not necessary.
  • Provoke an internation incident and then Bribe the UN inspectors -> If you do this you will get a lot of money.

If you have gotten to the Constitution point choose: Security Surveillance, Planned Economy and Independent Media.

  • Have 2 Country Hotels.

With the money i got provoking an international incident I proclaimed the Urban Development Edict and then built a lot of Apartments and all the infrastructure needed for them (Grocery store, Church, Police station, Clinics and parks). I also built a Nuclear Power Plant and Uranium mine. I basically spent all the money untill there was not a single Tropican without a job.

  • Have a Supercomputes with the "Deep Green" upgrade -> Why not.

Soon or now you should have enough money and the technology to build Nuclear Program. Congratulations, you did it Presidente!


Mission 7: Day Zero: Export Uranium while delaing with numerous problems.

Summary on how to win: This mission success depends on the economy you previously strenghthened, if your economy is strong you should have no problem paying rioters to go home. You might even have some time left to increase happiness while Uranium is being extracted.


Leon is alive! He is back to fix the energy crisis, he says we need to export 20,000 Uranium.

Leon is alive tropico 5


  • Build a Science Lab -> Why not.
  • Have 1 Waste Treatment Plant.
  • Build a new Science Lab for Dr Zweistein -> He is going to discover time travel, build it.

A lot of protests are going on now, you should buy all of them while making sure of keeping your economy strong.

  • Build a Wind Farm.
  • Have 5 Embassies.

We have been played! Penultimo informs us that Leon Kane has been plotting against us, he has been keeping the Uranium. We have to destroy the mines.

Tropico 5 mision 6

Like every villain Leon Kane justifies himself and then proceeds to reveal his plan for us, basically The Order always was for destroying the world and having a fresh start:

Leon Kane real plans


Mission 8: Back To The Past: Researsh key technology before you run out of time.

How to win: Build Science Laboratories, SuperComputer, proclaim the Stem Cell edict and do what Dr Zweistein tells you to do.


We're close to day zero, the day Leon Kane is going to nuke us all and restart humanity like your would restart a failed Tropico 5 game. Thanks to Dr Zweistein we have the possibility of traveling back in time:

Dr Zweistein time travel options Tropico 5

He offers 4 options in order to do this: 

  1. Build a Vehicle Factory
  2. Build 4 Metro stations
  3. Build a Fashion Company

I have chosen option 1, since I already had a Vehicle Factory, if you have been following this guide you probably had it too, if not, just build what ever you choose.

Dr Zweistein informs us that we have to develop the time machine by generating researsch and we have 20 years to do it.


  • Generate 1,210 power -> If you are no already producing enough then build a Nuclear Power Plant or any other that generates enough.
  • Build 6 new Guard Towers -> We do what Dr Zweistein says.

I started stealing technology from the power with the highest chance of success:

stealing technology Tropico 5

I also built a Science Laboratory and a Supercomputer to generate more research points. I proclaimed Stem Cells (Modern era edict) to make Hospitals and Clinics generate even more research.

  • Export 1500 Uranium

Sweistein offers to test his time machine, you have to choose the member of your dinasty you like the less. Dinasty member gets lost in time and space due to using imperial measurements instead of metric. Imagine if real life scietist were to make this mistake, right?

After some Tropican years -way less than 20- I completed the research: We travel back in time to the 19th century.

Time Machine Tropico 5



Mission 9: The Pirate King - Export large amounts of Gold at low price.

Summary on how to win: Start by building up your economy and military (just 1 Fort and 2 Towers), don't mine gold until you have something like 130 citizens and a lighthouse, as gold mining won't be profitable until the ransom is payed or you have a lighthouse.


El Presidente has traveled back in time, the crown quickly notices our leadership skills and they give us an island to govern. Ironically the two options are the enemy islands in previous missions. I've chooses Isla Rojo. First mission is to rescue Crown Prince by paying a ransom (exporting 5000 Gold ore).



I won't list quests typical of colonial era in order to make it easier. Just keep attracting revolutionaries to your island and extending your mandate. Proclaim independance when you are ready.

  • Main Quest: Export 5000 Gold Ore at lowered price. 
  • Bribe the pirates: It is not necessary, you can hold them back with 1 Fort and 2 Towers.
  • Build a Lighthouse.
  • Export 10000 Gold Ore (5000 more really)
  • Export 20000 Gold Ore...

Spoiler: The Dread Pirate Robert is none other than our lost dynasty member! (The one sent in a time machine previously). The whole ransom scenario is a clever plot to keep the gold and give us a kick start in the past. Mission complete.


Mission 10: Through the Looking-Glass - Export tons of raw resources before you run out of time.

Summary on how to win: Use all your money, opt for new colonists in most quests rewards. As you have workforce available build lots of plantations, ranches and other goods producing buildings. If you play it right you should be able to win with 5+ years advantage.


In order to trump Kane's plans we need to prevent Cayo Fortuna and Bao-bao from gaining independance. We have to export 100,000 resources in a 10 year period.



I will only list the quests that are very important to do quickly in order to win.

  • Main Quest: Export 100,000 resources in a 10 year period. 
  • Have 3 docks: 30 Illiterate collonists as a reward make this quest important.
  • Have 5 Mansions, 5 managers as reward: Before building the mansions research Red Tape and proclaim the Urban Development edict.

Mission complete, Zweistein tells us that the time line has not changed and the other you (the one from the past) still achieved independance despite your efforts.


Mission 11: Get rich-quick - Amass Treasury while exploiting unique opportunities.

Summary on how to win: Don't go acceptings all quests immediately and building everything too fast. Do it as you have workforce available (Open Jobs number must be low), in the meanwhile deposit excess money in your Investments Account, you will have $2,000,000 saved up before you even notice -as Zweistein once said "Compound interest is the 8th wonder of the world"-.


Tropico must be a world power and for that we need money, $1,000,000.



I will only list the quests that are very important to do quickly in order to win.

  • Main Quest: Have $1,000,000 in order to win the mission. 
  • Have 6 Doctors.
  • Build a Cabaret.
  • Have 2 Banks.

Mission complete, Zweistein tells us that the time line has not changed and the other you (the one from the past) still achieved independance despite your efforts.


Mission 11: Get rich-quick - Amass Treasury while exploiting unique opportunities.

Summary on how to win: Don't go acceptings all quests immediately and building everything too fast. Do it as you have workforce available (Open Jobs number must be low), in the meanwhile deposit excess money in your Investments Account, you will have $2,000,000 saved up before you even notice -as Zweistein once said "Compound interest is the 8th wonder of the world"-.


Tropico must be a world power and for that we need money, $1,000,000.



I will only list the quests that are very important to do quickly in order to win.

  • Main Quest: Have $1,000,000 in order to win the mission. 
  • Have 6 Doctors.
  • Build a Cabaret.
  • Have 2 Banks.

Mission complete, Tropico is one of the richest islands.


Mission 12: The Dogs of War - Build the largest military in the Caribbean.

Summary on how to win: Just grow your economy and build up some military


We're invading Cayo de Fortuna. Operation "T-Day" commences as soon we have enough troops for the invasion force.



  • Main Quest: Send 100 soldiers to combat. 

Mission complete, although thanks to Leon Kane our forces invaded Poland instead, we are forced to not .


Mission 13: Kill Leon Kane - Increase tourism in the island.

Summary on how to win: If you got this far in the campaign this mission shouldn't be difficult. Just manage your economy correctly, build lots of tourism and as an additional tip: If you need to increase research (in order to get Airport tech), just build Supercomputers, as they don't require work force.


Seeing that the past didn't change despite Zweistein and El Presidente best efforts, they decided to take more drastic measures: Killing Leon Kane, and for some reason the way to do it is by increasing tourism.


  • Main Quest: Have 200 Tourist families visit the island. 

Mission complete, I tried killing Kane by sending him naked pictures of Penultimo, hope it works.


Mission 14: Dissolution - Export Oil at sub-market value to achieve political goals.

Summary on how to win: The secret to win this mission is to not focus on extracting Oil, thats right, the main quest is the least important thing. The difficulty lies on the constant rebel attacks and its consequential low approval rating of El Presidente. To deal with rebels build a Supermax Prison and arrest them as you see them. To get elected don't proclaim social edicts until you need them to negotiate a protest, for example, if you need to gain +15 food happiness only then issue the Extra Rations edict. Once economy and politics is somewhat controlled start extracting Oil.

Notes: For the economy do something easy like 2 or 3 Jewelry Workshops (there is enough gold in the island), don't get tempted to go with Cars because there is no Bauxite nearby and they require too much workforce (which in this mission is lacking as there are too many rebels).


What ever way of killing Leon Kane worked, but it didn't change history too much, as Adrianna Diaz took her mentor's place and is planning to destroy the world using the USSR's nuclear arsenal. In order to stop it we need to bring down the soviet economy by flooding the market with cheap Oil.


Ignore most secondary quests, go for what you really need (money and approval rating)

  • Main Quest: Export 4,000 Oil Barrels at 50% price. 
  • Export 6,000 extra barrels of Oil at 30% price.
  • Export 10,000 extral barrels of Oil at 10% price.

Spoiler: Adrianna Díaz bought and ICBM at a ridiculously low price due to the fall of the URSS, which in turn, is thanks to you. Her plan of destroying the world is still in place.


Mission 15: Hope - Unite The World.

Summary on how to win: 

Notes: For the economy do something easy like 2 or 3 Jewelry Workshops (there is enough gold in the island), don't get tempted to go with Cars because there is no Bauxite nearby and they require too much workforce (which in this mission is lacking as there are too much rebels).


Every attempt to save the world so far has not worked. We are done with the plots and doing something better. We will unite the world.


Ignore most secondary quests, go for what you really need (money and approval rating)

  • Main Quest: Impress the superpowers.