What is Lane Priority and how to use it as a jungler

Lane priority is a basic to medium level concept you need to understand as a jungler. It will allow you to play correctly around your lanes and thus win more games.


What does Lane priority means?

It means the laner with "Lane prio" can respond quicker if the junglers are fighting (over scuttler or jungle camps). Usually the laner that can get to the fight faster is the one who is pushing.


top lane prio

Which lane has prio in this minimap? Top, as you can see Nasus can barely get out of tower (and if he does he will lose farm) while Irelia can quickly rotate to a jungle fight. Elise has the options to take the enemy jungle camps or Rift Scuttler when it spawns.


How to play around Lane Priority?

The most important thing you will get of playing around Lane prio is that you will minimize risks. For example:

no lane priority


This is the minimap of the same game, Rammus is doing a full clear that will end in his top side. He knows Elise started in her Red buff, so she will be top side too. Should Rammus even attempt to get top side Scuttler? No, enemy top has lane prio while mid is equally matched. Not only Rammus should not even think about Scuttler, but he also should be really careful while farming his top side camps, since Elise is an early game jungler and Nasus could not really help.

In the other hand, Elise, knowing she has both lane prio and is strong early game. Can take Scuttler and invade the enemy jungle.

But what about ganking?

Despite Irelia being pushed in she is not really in risk of being ganked since both junglers started bot. If Rammus ganks Irelia then Elise will probably counter gank (if the players are decent).

In Elise's case, she coud either try a gank mid or invade the enemy jungle. She can't really dive Nasus while not having at least an educated guess about where Rammus is. The best option? Invade the enemy jungle immediately. Ping for help if you need it.


What can you do with Lane priority?

  • If you have bot prio (your bot lane is pushing) then you hava the advantage to take Dragon. Otherwise, if the enemy bot lane has prio you should not try to take dragon unless you are really sure you had not been spotted.
  • Take scuttler or invade enemy jungle. Ping your laners if you need them. It is important that you need to be somewhat strong, for example, early game Elise.
  • Prepare a counter gank. Low elo enemy junglers will think a pushed laner is an easy gank despite the chance of you (the jungler) probably being there.
  • Sneak Rift Hearld if your top lane and/or mid lane has prio.
  • Predict the game. With experience you will be able to tell before the game starts which lanes are going to have priority. Plan your route accordingly.
  • Place deep wards in the enemy jungle.
  • Farm your camps, do a full clear. This is particularly good if you are playing the kind of champions that needs to farm (like Master Yi) or wants to be level 6 ASAP (Nocturne). Try and farm the camps closer to your laners that are in danger of being ganked.


"All lanes are pushing I can't do anything"

You probably have been in this position if you play jungle. Now you know that your lanes not only are pushing but you also have lane priority. You actually are in an advantageous situation.


How to play if you don't have Lane priority

  • Don't invade the enemy jungle, if you try and then your laners don't help you it's not their fault. It's yours.
  • Don't be greedy about Scuttler.
  • Don't try to sneak an objective unless you are sure you had not been spotted.
  • Place defensive wards in your jungle.
  • Since enemy laners are pushing you can gank them. But have an educated guess of where the enemy jungler is.

As you see having Lane priority is way better than not having it. Play around it and plan your route accordingly.