Pokemon GO Virtual Team Lounge: Play from home

Pokemon Go

Pokémon GO is a game that is designed to be played outdoors, so the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) was an obstacle that Niantic had to overcome. Nevertheless Pokemon Go spending increased nearly 70% immediately after the pandemic. Niantic foresaw that this increase was not going to be permanent and therefore took action on the matter.This is why the game has received several changes in recent months and will soon open the doors to a virtual space to connect with other coaches.


In a blog post, Niantic announced virtual team rooms. It is an online space that will feature a lot of exclusive content from the Pokémon GO Fest and more. So, it will be a place that is a virtual area where you can rest from capturing Pokémon to focus on relaxing and watching content.


Pokemon Go virtual team lounge

“The virtual team room is an online space that will feature tons of exclusive content from Pokémon GO Fest, and much more! Like the team rooms of traditional Pokémon GO Fest events, this space will offer all Trainers a place to relax when they want to take a break from the game, "said Niantic.



But how will you connect with the other coaches? At the moment what we know is that there will be videos, different trivia and mechanics to live on social networks. What is clear is that the intention is that it seeks to deliver ways in which trainers coexist in different media so that they feel as if it were a Pokémon GO Fest in person.


Pokemon GO Fest

We remind you that the Pokémon GO Fest will start on Friday, July 24, 2020, at 2:00 p.m. PDT (GMT −7)

Pokemon GO FEST

Pokemon GO Fest Tips:

  • You can mass search and delete pokemons using the following string: (!4*&!shiny&!unown&...)

  • Stock up on pokeballs, berries, incense and lure modules. Most of the space should be used in pokeballs.

  • Have fluids and snacks prepared, it is going to be a long session.

  • Pack a phone battery and cables if you play outside.

  • Most importantly: Have fun!


Additionally Niantic advises the following:

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