Playing Doom on Windows 95 inside Minecraft

Those crazy son's of a bitches. They did it... They ran Doom on Windows 95 inside Minecraft.


Two developer obsessions are running Doom on everything you can and running everything you can on Minecraft. For example Doom in a LIDL food processor or a hard drive in Minecraft. Someone has come up with the idea of putting the two obsessions together and the result is most fascinating: Doom running on a Windows 95 computer, which in turn is running on Minecraft, which in turn runs on another computer.


Minecraft allows for real wonders thanks to the operation of some materials within the game that make possible to simulate the transmission of electricity. This allows for example to create hard drives or calculators. In this case, however, there is a trick, perhaps you could also create a virtual computer and within it program Windows 95 and Doom, but I do not even want to imagine the amount of time and complexity that it would take to do something like this.

Computer inside minecraft


So how did they do it? A mod from VM Computers has been used. Is allows the installation of a virtualized computer within the game. Thanks to the VirtualBox virtualization program and placing a Windows 95 ISO in a certain Minecraft folder, it is possible to run the operating system in the game. Starting there, just install Doom and the combo is complete.



The Reedit user uDrunkMate is the one who has been in charge of testing this idea. In a video published on the platform, he shows how he approaches the computer he has in a house within the Minecraft game and begins to play Doom. The gameplay, of course, is not entirely good. This is because the game is being processed in a virtual machine and at the same time in another game, which means that there is a certain delay between the orders and the execution of the actions, it is also appreciated that the framerate is quite low. That being said, the idea should not be detracted from.


Begs the question of how long ulti we see other operating systems running on Minecraft apart from Windows 95. Or Minecraft running inside Minecraft. Or reality inside Minecraft ... A powerful enough computer and ingenuity is all that is needed.