Microsoft might buy TikTok

The odyssey of TikTok and certain western governments continues. If at the beginning of the month we saw how the United States planned to ban the social network in its territory, now it turns out that President Donald Trump is planning to order the ByteDance company to sell the US operations of TikTok.


According to FOX journalist Charles Gasparino, Microsoft would be interested in acquiring these TikTok operations in the United States. It is not ruled out that there are other companies negotiating, although it seems that Microsoft has the most ballots. The app has been debated around our privacy for the past few weeks.



Microsoft's response

Microsoft has not responded to the news, although it is known that the Trump administration is very attentive to the possible purchase by Microsoft to see how the cake would be distributed: Chinese investors (and their interests with them) could be in control of those TikTok operations in the United States.


TikTok's response

Reuters sources said ByteDance was seeking a first deal to maintain a minority stake in TikTok in the US, but the government rejected the proposal. Then a second agreement was born with which he intended to transfer the entire business of the app to Microsoft.

The funny thing is not only that Microsoft will take over the TikTok business in the US, but it will also be in charge of protecting the data of all users of the app in that country.

This news comes after President Donald Trump announced on the night of Friday, July 31 that today, August 1, he would sign an order for the Chinese application to be banned in the US.

There is uncertainty about what will happen to the app, because it has not been confirmed that the United States government is willing to accept the agreement proposed by ByteDance.

Given all this news, TikTok has issued a message to all its users: