How to ring the village church bell in Resident evil 4 remake: the bell skip strategy


The Resident Evil 4 remake contains many secrets, one of which is particularly intriguing and can be found at the start of the game during the battle against the ganados in the village. It is possible to ring the church bell independently, without having to defeat a significant number of enemies or wait for a cinematic to initiate the action.exactly! bingo time has come early for the village!

How to Activate the Easter Egg: Requirements and Weapon Choices

If you want to shoot the bell located in the church, you will need a long-range weapon. However, in a new game, you will only have your basic pistol at your disposal. Therefore, to utilize this Easter egg, you will need to play in "new game plus" mode, which allows you to retain the weapons from a previous playthrough.

Taking into account that only a few weapons are capable of shooting at long distances, it's worth mentioning the four tested weapons that meet this requirement and trigger the Easter egg. 

These weapons include the bolt-action rifle, semi-automatic rifle, assault rifle, and rocket launcher. It's worth noting that whether the weapons have a scope or not is irrelevant.


How to find the church in RE4 Remake?

To find the church in Resident Evil 4 Remake, players need to head to the roof of the house with the shotgun. From there, they should aim in the direction of the church, which is located behind a large tree. While it may take some time to find the right angle, players should continue aiming until they see the church bell in their sight (only if you have a hawk's eye view). While it may take some practice to hit the bell from this distance, successfully triggering the Easter egg is a satisfying reward for the effort.


Ringing the bell Easter Egg questions

  • Can I activate the Ringing the bell Easter Egg in a new game without playing in "new game plus" mode?No, you need to retain weapons from a previous playthough.
  • Which weapon is the most effective for hitting the bell from a long distance?The bolt-action rifle, semi-automatic rifle, assault rifle, and rocket launcher are all effective at hitting the bell, so it comes down to personal preference


"Church Bell Skip" Strategy: Final Thoughts

While skipping the battle in the village may not be enjoyable for players who like to fight enemies and engage with Dr. Salvador, it's still appreciated that the game developers implemented the opportunity to trigger this Easter egg. In the classic 2005 game, players had to wait for Ada to shoot the bell, but now they can do it themselves. However, it's worth noting that this strategy is not useful for speedruns if players aim to achieve the S+ rank.