Donkey Kong Country 4: The Kong’s Return

When we mention Donkey Kong Country, pleasant memories of childhood often come to mind, when we played on the SNES and conquered levels with our favorite apes. That's why this article will focus on a fan-made game that promises to be a worthy sequel to the original trilogy developed by Rareware and published by Nintendo. Today, we won't be talking about Donkey Kong Country Returns for Nintendo Wii, but rather about a project called Donkey Kong Country 4, created by passionate fans. It's important to note that the game is currently in a demo state. So grab a banana and let's get started.



Donkey Kong 4 Gameplay:

DKC4 brings back the gameplay we saw in the original trilogy, which is a side-scrolling platform game. Therefore, the mechanics of our favorite characters are maintained. But who are the protagonists in this installment? As you probably remember if you played any of the games in the original trilogy, the protagonists always came in pairs. However, in this video game, you will be able to control any primate from the Kong lineage featured in the three previous games: Donkey, Diddy, Dixie, and Kiddy.


In addition to bringing back our beloved old protagonists, the mini-games in the style of Donkey Kong Country 2 are also preserved. These mini-games can range from defeating enemies to collecting bananas or stars before time runs out, in order to earn coins as rewards.


Another noteworthy feature is that we will regain our animal companions, such as Rambi, the rhinoceros with whom we could defeat the small beavers and crocodiles in the first level of the original saga. Our other companions will also be present, providing us with a wide variety in level design to take advantage of their unique mechanics and progress to the end of each level.


Game design and sound

It's interesting to witness the fusion of the three original releases. However, it's worth mentioning that this fourth installment doesn't fall short in content. In addition to rescuing the sprites and mechanics from the previous games, the creators of DKC4 have made an effort to create new map designs and even compose a new soundtrack inspired by the original. This results in a more than acceptable product, maintaining the essence of the old games and bringing something unique to this sequel. For example, in Donkey Kong Country 2, Diddy and Dixie played musical instruments with a catchy tune upon completing levels. Well, now Donkey and Kiddy also have their own musical instruments.


Current state of the game

Currently, the game is in development as a demo phase and only for PC. According to one of its creators, the project is being kept under wraps to avoid spoilers, which is why not much has been revealed about it. Additionally, they are working on an alternative project called Kiddy Kong Showtime. However, we hope to have updates soon regarding the release of a more complete version of the game.


Where can I find the demo?

It's difficult to find the demo as there are several broken links circulating on the internet, but you can download Donkey Kong Country 4 here:

Donkey Kong Country 4 - The Kong's Return.rar - Google Drive

Donkey Kong Country 4 - The Kong's Return (


Who are the creators of Donkey Kong Country 4?

The DKC4 team is from Brazil, so their main language is Portuguese. Currently, you can see activity about the project on their Facebook page called "dkc4project".


Donkey Kong Country: The Kong’s return Final thoughts

While the game is still in the demo phase, it still has a lot to offer. Although there are some mechanics that still need to be polished, such as character mobility to make it identical to previous games for the most demanding players, it's gratifying to have more content from this saga that has captivated us for many years. We will be on the lookout to enjoy new adventures with our friend Donkey Kong when a more complete and accessible version is released.