Age of Empires 2 Tower Rush build order

In this guide we will go through the basic tower rush build order, best civilizations, counters and strategies.


Tower Rush build order:

  • 6 vills to sheep
  • 2 vills to wood
  • 1 lure boar
  • 1 more collects boar
  • 2 build house, Mill and collect berries
  • 1 lures second boar
  • 5 collect sheep
  • Loom with 19 pop
  • Click up to Feudal (should be around the 6:45 min mark)
  • Send 4 villagers from Food to build a mining camp and collect stone
  • Send 6 villagers from food to enemy base
  • Build towers on the enemy resources
  • Make 2 new vills, send them to wood
  • Keep building up your economy while you attack


Best way to practice the Tower Rush?

There are mods to practice all regular starts, including Tower Rush. You can find them here:

If you don't like practicing in mods you can just go to multiplayer and try the tower rush against real opponents.


Tower Rush FAQ

What's a good time for feudal in a tower rush?

You should get to Feudal at around the 8:50 min mark with 19 pop and 6 of your vills already on your opponent's base, building 2 towers as soon as you reach feudal.


Where to place my tower in a tower rush?

The first tower should be positioned conservatively, ideally near the enemy's wood line. It is essential to keep it far enough from the opponent's vision, ensuring they only discover it when it is already too late to respond effectively. For an added advantage, consider locating this initial tower on a hill, leveraging the terrain bonus to bolster its defensive capabilities. The second tower should be within range of the first one, allowing them to support each other effectively. However, it is important to adopt a slightly more aggressive stance with this tower, situating it closer to the enemy's position. The strategic intent is for both towers to not only launch a formidable offensive but also provide mutual defensive reinforcement, strengthening their collective impact.


Best Civilization for Tower Rush?

  1. Koreans: The Koreans are widely regarded as one of the best civilizations for tower rushing. They have unique technology called "Tower Shields," which increases the range of their towers and gives them additional armor. Their towers also gain additional line of sight, making them more effective at detecting enemy units. Furthermore, Koreans can research "Masonry" and "Architecture" upgrades at the Blacksmith, increasing the durability and strength of their towers.

  2. Spanish: The Spanish have access to the unique unit "Conquistador," which can be used to clear enemy units and protect your towers. Their villagers construct buildings faster, allowing you to set up towers quickly. In addition, Spanish towers can be upgraded to "Keep" and "Bombard Tower," which increases their range and attack power.

  3. Byzantines: The Byzantines have strong defensive capabilities, making them suitable for tower rushing. They have access to the "Greek Fire" technology, which increases the attack strength of their towers. Their towers are also cheaper, making it easier to establish a large number of towers quickly. Byzantine buildings also have more hit points, enhancing their overall defensive strength.

  4. Teutons: The Teutons are known for their sturdy defensive structures, making them a viable option for tower rushing. Their towers have increased range due to their civilization bonus. The "Crenellations" technology further enhances their towers by giving them more attack power and arrow fire rate. Teutons also have access to the powerful "Siege Onager," which can be used to clear enemy units near your towers.

  5. Ethiopians: Although not as popular as the previous civilizations mentioned, the Ethiopians have unique bonuses that can aid in a tower rush strategy. Their towers automatically garrison units, increasing their defensive capabilities. The "Royal Heirs" unique technology also allows them to construct their unique unit, the Shotel Warrior, faster. These fast-moving infantry units can provide additional support to your tower rush.