How to win as Pericles in Civ 6

Greeks is a Civilization that focuses heavily on culture and becoming suzerain over city-states. I will explain how to win a game of Civilization 6 as Greeks with Pericles as leader. What are the civ's strengths, strategies and win conditions? This guide is focused on the Gathering Storm expansion.


How to win as Pericles in Civ 6?

Become suzerain of as many city-states as you can because Pericles Greeks have a 5% culture boost for every city-state, and to synergize with that the Acropolis (Theater Square replacement) grants 1 envoy once it is built. Easiest victory is cultural. However, you can achieve other victories through being way more advanced in the civics tree and having the most city-state bonuses.


Greeks Civilization VI info


Greece, led by Pericles or Gorgo, is a civilization in Civilization 6 that excels in cultural and diplomatic victories. With their unique ability "Plato's Republic," they gain an additional Wildcard policy slot, providing flexibility in their government and policy choices. Greece's unique unit, the Hoplite, is a powerful early game unit that can gain combat bonuses when adjacent to other Hoplites. Their unique building, the Acropolis, boosts their culture output and provides additional Great Writer, Artist, and Musician points. With a focus on generating culture, building Wonders, and accumulating Great Works, Greece strives to become a cultural powerhouse and influence other civilizations through their tourism and diplomatic prowess.


Civilization Ability: Plato's Republic

Gain an additional Wildcard policy slot in all Governments


Pericles's Leader Ability: Surrounded by Glory

"Just because you do not take an interest in politics doesn't mean politics won't take an interest in you"

+5% Culture per city-state Greece has Suzerainty over


Unique District: Acropolis

Unique district of the Greek Civilization. It replaces the Theater Square and can only be built on Hills.


Base Cost


Pillage Yield

Location requisites

Required to build

Drama and Poetry

27 Production 

1 Gold

Gold Gold

Must be built on hills


Additional information

  • Lower Production cost (27 vs. 54)
  • Major bonus (+2 Culture) for each adjacent Wonder
  • Standard bonus (+1 Culture) for each adjacent District, +1 additional Culture if adjacent to a City Center.
  • GS-Only Major bonus (+2 Culture) for each adjacent Entertainment complex or Water Park
  • GS-Only Major bonus (+2 Culture) for each adjacent Pamukkale tile
  • Awards 1 Envoy when completed
  • +1 Great Writer point per turn
  • +1 Great Artist point per turn
  • +1 Great Musician point per turn
  • Buildings have slots for Great Works and Artifacts
  • Specialists add +2 Culture each


Unique Unit: Hoplite

Greek unique anti-cavalry unit. It replaces the Spearman and has a bonus for Combat Strength when adjacent to another Hoplite.




Upgrades to

Resources needed



Bronze Working

65 Production or 130 Faith or 260 Gold

1 Gold



28 Civ6StrengthIcon


Additional information


Common abilities:

  • +10 Strength Combat Strength vs. light, heavy, and ranged cavalry units.

Special abilities:

  • +10 Strength Combat Strength when adjacent to at least one other Hoplite.

Special traits:

  • Higher Combat Strength (28 vs 25)



The Hoplite is an early game unit that must attack in pairs for the +10 bonus, making them a bit cumbersome in some strategies. Nonetheless, Hoplite is a great unit due to not requiring a strategic resource and a quick tech path to get them. With the +10 bonus the matchup against a Swordsman favors the latter by only 2 Combat Strength. However, the swordsman has a way higher cost in production and resources. If you're going for an early game strategy with the greeks, then you must take Oligarchy, making it possible for the hoplite to have a combat strength of 42


Start Bias

Greece exhibits a tier 3 start bias towards desert hills, grass hills, plains hills and tundra hills. This is in order to increase the odds that you will be able to construct an Acropolis.


Types of victories

In my personal strategy for playing as Greeks, I prefer an expansive approach. I prioritize policies and governors that accelerate settler production, allowing me to quickly establish settlements on coastal tiles and expand to other continents.


Domination victory:

Domination victory

Pericles is not as good as Gorgo at domination victories. The only advantage in this regard is the Hoplite in the early game, which is a strong and easy to amass unit. However, I would recommend going the domination path early only if you get the suzerainty of military city-states with good bonuses such as Akkad, which makes it so your Hoplites attacks do full damage to city walls.


Science victory:

Science victory civ 6

Greeks don't really have an advantage when going for a science victory, unless you use the additional policy cards properly at the beginning in order to get great scientists or science bonuses. The rapid civics advancement will also help with technology boosts.


Culture Victory: