Civilization VI September 2020 update: Byzantium and Gaul pack

The Civilization VI September update is a very exciting one, it includes two new civilizations with their respective leaders, additional wonders, a new Dramatic Ages game mode and a new map script


New civilizations: Byzantium and Gaul

civ 6 bizantium and gaul patch

The developers decided to maintain suspense, revealing only the names and general themes of the new civilizations. Nevertheless they did show short clips of gameplay so we can start guessing.



"What we can tell you is that Byzantium is all about conquest, be it militarily or religiously" - Grant Chang, Lead Animator

civ 6 bizantium

In the image above we can clearly see two Quadriremes using Greek Fire, which hints at either a Quadrireme replacement unit or a general boost to early naval units through Greek Fire.

Note: Greek Fire was a closely guarded state secret for the Byzantine Empire, and was key in many military victories including the salvation of Constantinople, the capital of the empire.



Gaul is a civilization of artists, receiving bonuses in culture and production, the developers showed a clip of a tile improvement that expands the civilization's territory once built:

civ 6 gaul improvement

Then they showed some Crossbowmen attacking. Probably the unique Gaul unit. While not much is known about the civilization, there are registers of them having Crossbows at least for hunting.

civ 6 gaul


New World Wonders

The Biosphere

civ6 biosphere

Increases appeal for Marsh and Rainforest tiles. In Gathering Storm it will also boost power and tourism. While in other rulesets it grants bonus Science for every Marsh, Rainforest or Woods tile.


The Statue of Zeus

cuv 6 statue of zeus

Gives free military units to the city that builds it and increases production towards anti-cavalry units. 


New map script: The Highlands

Civ 6 highlands

"This vast, sweeping landscape is dominated by hills and mountain ranges. These will present some interesting strategic and tactical choices and challenges for certain civs. Like Korea, Ethiopia, and even Bull Moose Teddy, with his passion for National Parks" said Amanda Bonacorso, Lead Producer


New Game Mode: Dramatic Ages

civ 6 dramatic ages mode

The Dramatic Ages mode makes Dark Ages more punishing and Golden Ages more rewarding. Also it only allows for either Dark or Golden ages.


Golden/Dark Policies instead of dedications

Instead of dedications we have access to new and updated Golden/Dark Policies, making it way more versatile while still giving the same bonuses as dedications:

Civ 6 golden policies


Extra Era Score: Useful in the Dramatic Eras mode

If you enter a Golden Age with any extra Era Score, it will increase citizen's loyalty pressure on nearby civilizations.

Note: When playing the Dramatic Eras mode Georgia receives extra Wildcard slots and has access to both Dark/Gold Policies if they entered a Golden Age.